Company Profile

Timmex-Djendov & Co is a supplier of high quality bottled water coolers, Point of Use water coolers, 8L, 11L and 19L Polycarbonate reusable water bottles, 19L Bisphenol-Free (BPA-Free) water bottles, caps, racks, cup holders and other accessories and equipment for the bottled water industry in Bulgaria. We serve the HOD market for both individual and corporate clients throughout the country and Eastern Europe.

We offer technical support and sanitization of our products on a professional level, which meets the highest European standards of hygiene and safety.

The company was established in 1990 and since 1999 entered the market of Bottled Water Coolers, becoming one of the pioneers in that field.

Over the years Timmex-Djendov and Co was a proud business partner of some very famous companies like:

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Company's Mission

The customer comes first!

In our everyday activities, we at Timmex-Djendov & Co, are committed   to:

Standards – reach the highest standards of quality, safety and hygiene;

Reputation – build a reputation of honest, respectful and reliable partner who observe the principles of market ethics;

Service      – by providing excellent products and services;

Development – win the recognition of our partners in the country and all over  the world and to reach level of profitability which allows sustainable development and prosperity of the owners, the stuff and the society.