Recommendations for Cleaning of Polycarbonate Water Bottles

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• The washing temperature should be as close as 60°С (minimum 55°С and maximum 65°С).
• When cleaning inside the bottle, the water flow should enter under maximum pressure (mechanical effect)
• The choice of washing detergent depends on the type of water. Follow manufacturer’s instructions.
• For obtaining exact concentration of detergent again follow manufacturer’s instructions. Results should be verified periodically.
• Everyday change of washing detergent is recommended as well as periodical filtration of cleaning solution. 100 micron filter is enough.
• One minute disinfection time for each bottle is considered optimal.
• For appropriate disinfectant you may choose between peroxi acetic acid and ozonized water.
• For the right choice of disinfectant concentration please follow manufacturer’s recommendations. Results should be verified periodically.
• Everyday change of disinfectant solution is recommended.
• It’s necessary that final rinsing of bottles be done with product water.
• Washing time for one bottle should be as long as possible. Ideal time is 1 minute.

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