General Guidelines

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1. Inspect the carton and cooler for evidence of rough handling
and concealed damage. Damage should be filed with carrier.
2. Read and follow all directions to prevent damage to the
water cooler and to the user.
3. Use only water. Do not use for storing coffee, tea or other
4. Be sure the electric supply matches to the water cooler.
Check out the water cooler’s voltage by the specifications
on the water cooler.

NOTE: The appliance must be positioned so that the plug
is accessible.

5. Regular cleaning & sanitizing is advised to ensure satisfactory
water quality and will help to keep the water cooler running
efficiently and economically.
6. Periodically remove dirt and lint from the condenser on the
back of the water cooler.
7. Place the water cooler within reach of a suitable grounded
electrical outlet.
8. Water from hot faucet will be extremely hot and may scald.

NOTE: Child proof faucets can be made available.
The water cooler is difficult for children to use, but easy
for adults to.(Contact your agent)
9. Do not use the water faucets as handles to carry the water cooler.
NOTE: This part of the water cooler may break and cause
leaks if pulled by force.
10. The recommended placement of the water cooler is indoors.
Keep away from direct sunlight and excessive moisture.
11. The manufacturer accepts no liability resulting from any alteration,
or modification of this device.

WARNING: Disassembling the water cooler may cause electric shock.

12. Do not use bleach or any cleaning agents that may contain
bleach or chlorine.
13. The water bottle is heavy.
NOTE: The water bottle filled would be 20kg(44lbs).
It is highly recommended that seniors, children,
patients do not lift up the water bottle to invert.
14. If a gas leak occurs, please open windows for ventilation
and contact your agent for immediate service.
15. Drain all water before storing the water cooler for extended
periods of disuse.
16. Any modifications to this device should be performed by
a certified professional.
17. A cup dispenser may be installed by using the mounting holes
located near the top of the left and right sides of the water cooler.
The cup dispenser comes equipped with a mounting bracket
and screws.(Contact your agent)