5 Gallon Bottle Raks

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Racks dimension: OP crate 4+4 « RE »:


Height (mm): 367 (average)
Width (mm): 1200 (average)
Length (mm): 1000 (average)
Weight (KG): 17.8 +/-0.200
Color        : Black


Raw material specifications (at this date):


Regranulated PP Copolymer is used as raw material with additives: The provider selects plastic waste mainly from car industry. The wastes are melt and some additives are added. The whole is then regranulated.


Daily use specifications:


Timmex&Co guarantees that this crate can be used with polycarbonate 19L bottles filled with water.

These values are valid only storing bolted OP crates 4+4; the racks at the bottom can resist up to 2.1t. OP crates can be used in environments with temperatures to approximately -20°C.

The crates are guaranteed 5 years against any breakage due to failure in raw material or process.