Timmex-Djendov & Co has transport facilities for direct delivery to the customer premises within 24 hours. All products and spare parts are available in stock in Sofia, which allows us to increase the quality of service.We have our own service depot fully equipped with all necessary tools according the European standards and highly qualified staff specialized in maintenance of bottled water coolers.


Pre-sales service

All bottled water coolers are tested in our service depot before delivery to the customers.

Guaranty and after guaranty service


This is cleaning followed by disinfection.

With proper cleaning we remove all product residue and contaminants such as dirt and dust from all cooler surfaces which are in contact with the drinkable water and remove scale from the hot water tank. Proper cleaning is essential for the whole sanitization process. All surfaces should be clean for the disinfection procedure to be effective. Finally all parts are rinsed and dried.

The purpose of disinfection is to reduce the viable microbial contaminants in the water cooler to an acceptable level. The latter is done by using ozone generator, steam generator or special disinfectants like hydrogen peroxide.


Scheduled sanitization of bottled water coolers and sanitization by subscription

Why we should do it?

Bottled water is considered food by law. That means all requirements for cleanliness, hygiene and food safety are valid for bottled water. We do it in order to:

• Remove biofilm and scale

• Remove algal contamination

• Eliminate tap contamination

• Remove foreign bodies

According to European guidelines Timmex & Co is completing sanitizations in the agreed frequencies with a minimum of 2 per year. These sanitizations are completed within -/+ 10 days of the scheduled date which is calculated based on the date of cooler installation.