5 Gallon Bottle Raks
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TECHNICAL DATA     Racks dimension: OP crate 4+4 « RE »:   Height (mm): 367 (average) Width (mm): 1200 (average) Length (mm): 1000 (average) Weight (KG): 17.8 +/-0.200 Color        : Black   Raw material specifications (at this date):   … Read More

Ceramic water dispenser
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This stylish portable dispenser requires no electricity and can be used virtually anywhere! It’s great for use at picnics, sporting events and to keep handy during power outages or water emergencies. Ideal for homes or offices • No electricity required• … Read More

Plastic Stands AQUASTAND©
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Reduce the space to store 5 gallon bottles. Store 2 layers of full bottles or 3 layers of empty bottles. Light weight – 450 gr. Resistant  to  impacts and scratches. UV resistant  material. Standard colors: White and Blue Any other … Read More

Manual Water Pump
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The Water Pump fits directly over the water bottle to create one water dispensing system. This pump is great for the home, office, camping or boating. The Water Pump fits all 3 and 5 gallon bottles.  It is quiet, soft … Read More

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