Handling for the water cooler

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1. Do not locate the water cooler where the environment would offer any risk of water contamination.
2. The water cooler must be located on a floor which is smooth, level and easily cleaned.
3. Do not locate the water cooler in direct sunlight.
4. Do not locate the water cooler next to a radiator.
5. Do not locate the water cooler within or directly adjacent to toilet facilities.
6. Do not use the water cooler or water bottle as a shelf for plants of objects.
7. Do not use sprays, mists or vapours around the water cooler.
8. Do not put any other liquid other than water into the water cooler.
9. Do not touch the nozzles of the faucets.
10. Do not take water from the faucets if your hands are dirty.
11. Do not lay the water cooler on its side.
12. Do not leave the water cooler without a bottle fitted.
13. Do not attempt to move the water cooler if there is a bottle in place.
14. When properly installed the water cooler is electrically safe.
Even so, do not locate the water cooler in constantly damp areas, beneath dripping pipes,
or where water may collect underfoot.
15. Keep areas around the water cooler free from dirt and rubbish.
16. The out-case of water cooler should be cleaned using mild soap and water.
Do not use bleach or any cleaning agents containing bleach or chlorine.