Installing the water cooler at your customer’s place

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1. Carry the water cooler in the upright position to the customer’s place – use the handle
at the back of the water cooler. Do not lift the water cooler by the faucets.
2. At the customer’s place, ensure that there are no marks or visible damage to the carton.
3. Remove the water cooler from the carton.
4. Remove the shipping bag from the water cooler.
5. Carry out a general inspection of the water cooler, ensuring that:
a) There are no marks or physical damage to the water cooler.
b) That all accessories are present.
c) That the faucets are tight and in an upright position.
d) That all the wires and electrical connections are in place at the back of the water cooler.
e) That the cold control is set to the medium cold position.
f) That the hot water tank switch is in the “OFF” position.
g) That the water cooler is clean and dust free.
6. Place a bottle of water on top of the water cooler. As soon as the bottled is in place,
ensure that the hot faucet is pressed open and the appropriate time is allowed until the
hot tank is full – I.e. water flows out of the hot faucet and air stops going back into the bottle.
7. Check that water flows through the cold faucet.
8. Connect the water cooler to the electricity supply using the power cord.
9. Switch on the hot tank and allow the water cooler to operate for 30 minutes.
10. Using a flash light, check through the back of the water cooler for water leaks.
11. After the water cooler has operated for 30 minutes, check that
there is hot water from the hot faucet and cold water from the cold faucet.
12. Recheck the water cooler for water leaks.
13. Ensure that the water cooler is in the customer’s desired location, and that all the
accessories are attached to the water cooler.